GEGardiner’s update February 17, 2017

Wow. I came from the hospital yesterday and I feel wonderful. Well not quite, but that is how I want to feel.

In the past 12 months I’ve spent almost 2 months in hospitals. Myra has arranged for someone to be with me most of the day.Thank you all for being patient. I’m going to be going to the University of Miami to be tested for possible A.L.S. or something like it as an outpatient. I am not exactly mobile but am using a wheelchair and recumbent trike (three wheeled recumbent bicycle), to get around. Besides lack of any type of balance, type II diabetes, irregular heartbeat and a swallowing problem plus some kind of neurological disorder I am fine. My legs and arms are strong. I am on seizure medication.

Since my voice comes and goes, I prefer not to talk on the telephone. Please text or email me. You can also contact me through my website For relative and close friends who do not have the above technologies you can call Myra.I’m also going to begin using this website were stroke support to survivors.

I hope to finish “Desperation Passage,” within the next 60 days and begin working on a nonfiction which I researched on in the 1990s. “Desperation Passage’” is the second novel in the Jonathan Dickinson Odyssey series and is inspired by his voyage from Jamaica,the shipwreck and capture by Indians along the Treasure Coast Of Florida. Since he did write his own journal, which I encourage everyone to buy. The digital version is available from as Amazon for only $0.99 and the paper version is available from several sources. Jonathan Dickinson’s account of early treasure Coast of Florida Indians was the only one recorded.

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