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In 2017, Glenn was told by the director of neurology at the University of Miami medical school that he had an incurable disease called spilnocerebellum ataxia. Until he undergoes further testing, the thinking is that the disease again in 1996, after a hemorrhagic brainstem stroke

While skiing atop a  mountain in Western Maryland, he suffered a hemorrhagic brain-stem stroke. After six and one-half weeks of hospitalization, and four months of home recuperation, he returned to help oversee a contract at Andrews Air Force Base. In  1999, he sold his last business and attempted to reinvent himself. Over the next few years, he acquired six jobs.  Unfortunately, he could not complete his work and lost all six jobs. After meeting the director of a Workforce Development  Board, he found a position with the organization as a liaison between the board and the business community. In 2004, he began writing to provide his brain with exercise and therapy. His stroke left him with many deficiencies, including minimal cognitive and memory capacities. Because, he no longer had the use his writing hand, and his stroke left him with weak hand-eye coordination, he turned to voice-recognition software. Dragon NaturallySpeaking was his software of choice. Several other software programs were also utilized to accommodate his weakened brain. By 2010, his health declined and his doctors recommended he retire and concentrate on his writing hobby.

Mr. Gardiner spent long hours at the computer learning the craft of writing.  His stroke also left him with Cerebellum Ataxia, which provided a host of additional difficulties. His brain processes were not consistent. Some days, he could not do anything except sit in a chair. While other days, he could dictate 2000 words. Eventually, his brain rewired itself. Even today, each morning when his body wakes, he must take medicine before his brain wakes. Mr. Gardiner is capable of creating and writing, but cannot complete Many tasks without making mistakes. After years of experiencing weekly falls, he walks with the aid of a cane. The only thing Mr. Gardiner can depend on is that his brain is inconsistent.

 In 2011, he became bored with retirement and began to create novels.My Wheels. It’s the greatest accomplishment occurred when together with best-selling Amazon author Leona DeRosa Bodie, he co-authored Glimpse of Sunlight, book #1 of the Jonathan Dickinson Odyssey,  published in March 2014. He is currently, finishing Desperation Passage, book #2 of that project, which is based on Jonathan Dickinson’s Journal(First published 1699 as Remarkable Deliverance“. He is the sole author of this book. Mr. Gardiner was a member of the Florida Writers Association from 2011 until 2015 and was the leader of a group focusing on story structure. He no longer drives and spends most of his time at home reading and writing.

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