A Question of Time

Written by – Kate Powers & Jeanne Lynn Gray

                                        Produced by – David L. Lyons, G.E. Gardiner & Kate Powers                                   

 Directed by – Kate Powers

A Question of Time seeks to bring out the inner dialogue that each of us hear inside throughout our lives. A dialogue so strong it can often alter the path we choose and guide our lives toward an unexpected direction. Having an honest dialogue within ourselves or with others whether it be about our fears, a lie we’ve told, a secret we’ve kept or something we feel ashamed of such as living with AIDS or fighting through the darkness of depression or addiction allows us to no longer be afraid of the pain we try so desperately to hide from ourselves and others. Through talking and truth we realize that we are not alone. We

become less afraid and with that comes an inner strength and a renewed desire to forgive, to live and to love.


CAST OF CHARACTERS (In order of Appearance)JT (Age 42)………………………………. Don RiderJT (Age 34)……………………… Michael KnowlesJT (Age 27)……………………….. Peter Osterweil

Andrea (Age 42)……………… Ewa Maria Wojcik

Andrea (Age 34)…………………… Ashley Bloom

Andrea (Age 27)……………………. Jessie Ruffus

Danny (Age 42)………………………… John Shub

Danny (Age 27)……………………….. Josh Zirger

Danny (Age 34) ………………….  Patrick Kearns

Marco……………………….. Juan Antonio Polanco

Voice of JT (Age 7)…………. Garrison Alexander

Voice of Andrea (Age 7)…………. Sydney Shuck

Voice of Danny (Age 7) …. Garrison Alexander


Special Thanks To…

David L. Lyons
G.E. Gardiner
Madeline Loechen
Slava Boyar
Trevor Batchelder
Ashley DiTapani
Liz McCloy
JoAnne Shultz
Shetler Studios & Theater
A.R.T./New York Rehearsal Studios
Sweet Sounds Studios
Ken Wolf
Manhattan Repertory Theatre

SETTINGPrologue                                 `Inside the Characters’ mindsScene 1           1978               Elementary School PlaygroundScene 2           Present           Inside the mind of JT

Scene 3           1998               JT & Marco’s Apartment

Scene 4           Present           Inside the mind of JT

Scene 5           2005               A Comedy Club in Manhattan

Scene 6           2005               Back Alley of Comedy Club

Scene 7           Present           Inside the mind of JT

Scene 8           2005               Andrea’s Manhattan Apt

Scene 9           2006               JT & Marco’s Apartment

Scene 10         2006               Danny’s Dressing Room

Scene 11         Present           Inside the mind of JT

Scene 12         2013               Outside JT’s Hospital Room

Scene 13         2013               JT’s Hospital Room

Scene 14         2013               JT’s Hospital Room &

Inside the mind of Andrea

Scene 15         2013               Inside the mind of JT



Lauren Harpst  …………………………………………… Production Manager

Kasey Burgess ………………………………………….. Light Board Operator

Lauren Harpst  ……………………………………………………. Sound Design

This production of A Question of Time is dedicated to
all who have lost their battle against addiction and AIDS
and to those who bravely continue their fight to live with
each of these life altering diseases.
You are not alone.



DON RIDER (JT Age 42) Don Rider is thrilled to be making his debut with Manhattan Rep. Recent NY roles include Patrick in Getting Away with Mother at Stage Left Studio, as well as Your Name Here’s Juliet & Romeo. Numerous regional roles in NJ and Philadelphia. BA Musical Theatre, West Chester University. Huge thanks to Kate, Bill, and the cast, with love to my family!

MICHAEL KNOWLES (JT Age 34) Michael is a Manhattan-based actor and recent graduate of Yale University, where he earned the Seymour L. Lustman Prize for Outstanding Artistic Contribution. Recent stage credits include Harmlet (Arclight Theater, NYC), Dark House (Capital Fringe Festival), and Party Time (Manhattan Theatre Club). Recent film credits include Atramentous Insult, Don’t Ask Me Why and

Triangle. Michael trained in acting at the Stella Adler Studio and presently with Wynn Handman in New York City.

PETER OSTERWEIL (JT Age 27) Peter is extremely excited to be involved in A Question of Time. He was last seen as Inspector Hound in Tom Stoppard’s The Real Inspector Hound and before that as Don and Mark in David Ives’ All in the Timing. A Bostonian by birth and heart, Peter studied acting, comedy, singing and film production at Sarah Lawrence College. While there he played Damis in the world premier of a new translation of Tartuffe by Amlin Gray, and Martin in The Matter of Martin among other roles. Going forward he can be seen as Dennis in Elusive: a webseries, premiering in

April. An avid sports fan and traveler, Peter speaks Japanese as well as some Hindi and French. He can be seen performing Karaoke every Tuesday with his NYC champion trivia team, or making bad jokes to whoever will let him.

EWA MARIA WOJCIK (Andrea Age 42) Recent credits: Calantha in The Broken Heart directed by Ben Naylor, Chorus/Greta Garbo in Bacchai directed by Zachary Dunbar, Lena/Nina/Sandra in Still Life directed by Elizabeth Bove. Film credits: The Expert, Choices, The Present. Royal Central School of Speech and Drama: MA in Acting. Many thanks to Kate, Lauren, and cast! Love to N, L, M.

ASHLEY BLOOM (Andrea Age 34) Ashley graduated from the University of Richmond with a dual B.A. in Theatre and Communications. Ashley’s recent roles include Gina in the independent short Gun, which premiered at Sundance Film Festival last year, Jojo in the independent feature Trigger, and Rosencrantz in Boomerang Theater’s Hamlet. Ashley is thrilled to be in this show! Many thanks to her Family, Friends and boyfriend Brandon for their love and support.

JESSIE RUFFUS (Andrea Age 27) Jessie hails from Salt Lake City, Utah. She received her MFA from The Actors Studio Drama School in May of 2013. Since then she has been seen in NYC’s Fringe and Strawberry Festivals and is very excited to be making her Manhattan Repertory debut! She lives with her grandmother and cat in Queens and would like to thank her family and her boyfriend for their love and


JOHN SHUB (Danny Age 42) John is a perennial student of acting from New York, studying at HB Studio. He last appeared as Alceste in Moliere’s The Misanthrope and as Brabantio in Othello at the Paul Robeson Theater. He looks forward to one day mastering the craft and thus not needing to act anymore, until then..

JOSH ZIRGER (Danny Age 27) Originally from Ohio, Josh studied theatre at The Ohio State University before moving to New York City and studying at The William Esper Studios under Terry Knickerbocker. Josh is excited to be a part of this production and working with the many talented actors and artists associated with it.

PATRICK KEARNS (Danny Age 34) Patrick works as a writer and actor in both theatre and film. He has been in plays, films and readings throughout New York City and takes classes with Sondra Lee. He is a member of Queerocracy, HealthGAP and the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power.

JUAN ANTONIO POLANCO (Marco) Born in the Dominican Republic, Juan’s love for the arts began at a very young age. He started dancing at the age of four. Juan’s love for art did not end with movement, no! He has fallen in love with all forms of creating. From poetry, to novels. From film to stage. The ability to create fascinates him without ever asking his permission. Juan is a writer/dancer/actor and on occasion even tries his hand at painting. Juan is a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, he is proficient in IPA, and his favorite color is brown…

GARRISON ALEXANDER (Voice of JT & Danny Age 7) Garrison’s credits include NYC Theatre: In The Early

Dark (One)/ Regional: Scrooge: The Musical (Tiny Tim), It’s A Wonderful Life(Young George Bailey, Tommy), Praise The Egg (Speckles). Favorite Musical Theatre: Disney’s High School Musical 1 & 2 (Troy), Aladdin Jr.(Aladdin), Beauty and The Beast (Chip), Annie Jr. (Rooster) . Television/Film: “Monumental Mysteries”, “Billy On The Street”, “The Perfect Murder” and more. Commercials/Print: Nike, Amazon Kindle, Scholastic and many more. Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth “High Honors Award”, Carnegie Mellon CMITE and ATOMS

Scholar. Huge thank you to Kate M. Powers, Lauren, Zuri, Mom and my amazing grandparents: JoJo and Grand Pere.

SYDNEY SHUCK (Voice of Andrea Age 7) Sydney, age 10, actress/singer/dancer, is a 5th grade student at PS 51. Recent performances: Carnival Girl Production’s The Quickening (Dallas) Annie, Jr. (Annie), 2013 Samuel French Off Off Broadway Short Play Festival, Little Mermaid, Jr. (Ariel). Thanks to God, family, Carson-Adler, Abrams Artists, and Peggy Stamps (manager).

LAUREN HARPST (Production Manager/Sound Design) Lauren is very excited to be making her debut at The Manhattan Rep. Originally from Pittsburgh, she now studies music and technology at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ. Lauren recently has worked as production/stage manager for “Urinetown” and “Hamlet”. Currently, she works at DeBaun Auditorium as the resident production manager. She has enjoyed every minute and sends her love to the cast and supportive family!


KATE POWERS (Director/Playwright) Kate is very proud to present A Question of Time as her directorial and writing debut in New York. She would like to thank Ken Wolf and The Manhattan Repertory Theatre for this amazing opportunity.

As an accomplished playwright & director, Kate has produced and designed shows for community, regional & professional theaters throughout the United States. Her scripts are said to be innovative, thought provoking and deal with important social issues such as rape, AIDS, abuse and personal triumph over tragedy. Kate is also the Creator & Executive Producer of two new reality competitions shows: Curtain Up! & Broadway’s KidSTAR! both currently in development and under Network consideration.

Kate would like to Congratulate Jeanne Lynn Gray on the birth of her son Connor! Jeanne you have been missed here in New York but your spirit and amazing talent has been with us with every word. Thank you for helping to create such a beautiful script.

Kate would also like to thank the cast for bringing the script to life with such intensity & truth, Production Manager Lauren Harpst, without whom the show would not have been possible, her two buddies Stratton & Jack for keeping her company through all the long nights at the computer and her family for their endless love & support and their constant encouragement to never give up.

Kate would like to dedicate this show to those who have lost their battle against addiction and AIDS and to those they leave behind who continue the fight holding the love of those they have lost in their hearts.

JEANNE LYNN GRAY (Playwright) Jeanne grew up in the South Florida area and though she had a love of music and theatre from an early age, thanks to her mother, it wasn’t until later that the acting bug truly hit her. It was in high school, and at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NY, that Jeanne learned to harness and shape the talent and creativity that she uses to this day.

In 2004 Jeanne netted both the Carbonell and Curtain Up Awards for Best Actress in a Musical for her portrayal of “Queen” in Cy Coleman’s musical “The Life” , and a 2005 Carbonell nomination for Best Actress in a Musical for “The Last Session:. Since then Jeanne has appeared and starred in many traveling productions and musical revues, as well as performing with the Band TK Blu and the Uncool. Over the years, she has also added script writing, producing, directing and teaching improv to her resume.

Since 2009 though she has been burning up the Cabaret Scene and stages both large and small with the debut of her show “Shades of Gray”. With her lively mix of storytelling and songs her unique shows have garnered her both critical and personal success.

The excitement of having “A Question of Time” performed in New York has been tempered by her wish to be there throughout the process. However, in disappointment comes elation with the birth of her son, Connor, on March 11th. “I hope he is a good luck charm and I wish much success to the cast and crew”

No success would be complete without the support and love of her amazing family…


According to the CDC

HIV infection is an important concern for people of ALL ages. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that at least half of all new HIV infections in the United States occur among people under the age of 25. 1,144,500 persons aged 13 years and older are living with HIV infection, including 180,900, 1 in 6 (15.8%) who are unaware of their infection1. Over the past decade, the number of people living with HIV has increased, while the annual number of new HIV infections has remained relatively stable. Still, the pace of new infections continues at far too high a level. Overall, an estimated 1,155,792 people in the United States have been diagnosed with AIDS3. An estimated 15,529 people with an AIDS diagnosis died in 2010 alone. More than 35 million people worldwide are living with HIV. The ONLY way to know if you are infected with the disease is to be tested!

CDC National AIDS Hotline 800-342-AIDS (2437)

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA’s)…

23.5 million people, 12 years of age and older needed treatment for an illicit drug or alcohol abuse problem in 2009. Of these individuals only 11.2 percent received treatment at a specialty facility.

Increasing drug and alcohol abuse is a dangerous trend in the United States. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, nearly 2.1 million hospital Emergency Department visits in 2011 were the result of drug abuse.

Alcoholism and alcohol abuse are among the most common, devastating, and costly problems in the United States. Recent studies have shown that approximately 53 percent of adults in the United States have reported that one or more of their close relatives has a drinking problem. U.S. alcohol statistics reveal that approximately 50,000 cases of alcohol overdose are reported each year. In 2009, an estimated 30.2 million people 12 or older reported driving under the influence of alcohol at least once in the past year.

www.           888-255-1403

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