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when winners lose 2Breaking News!  Glimpse of Sunlight has been named a Royal Palm Literary Award winner! The title is also a Readers’ Favorite 5*Star Review recipient and has been designated a Shelf UnBound Notable Book in the page-turner category. I love transparency so let me share with you the rest of the story. Our novel was overlooked at the 10/25/14 RPLA Awards Banquet. 3 weeks later we received our rubrics indicating our entry scores exceeded the 160 point qualifier for the top 3 prizes. Remembering 2 awards weren’t issued in the historic category, I knew a mistake had been made!” BOOHOO for GE & I, since the banquet is long past, we won’t have the red carpet Hollywood-style fanfare, no photos, no RPLA published book signing, no 400 of our peers glad-clapping to celebrate our accomplishments, but our trophy will be mailed to us. Chris Coward – the Florida Writers Assn President- said, “Please accept our belated congratulations that Glimpse of Sunlight has earned second place for Historical Fiction… I am so sorry this happened. I am glad you persevered and that you will receive the award you deserve. I know I’m not alone in saying how proud I am of you and Glenn. We wish you all success with your book.” Real Palm Literary Award submitters,check your rubric scores !!   …Leona DeRosa Bodie